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  |   Author : GreenID

04 online discussions with environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution, and renewable energy between Green star club members and American students.

Recognizing the importance role of young people in the fight against climate change, GreenID successfully organized 4 online classes called "Nurturing green future" through Zoom on every Tuesday, starting from 8/7.

The lessons attracted more than 100 participants including teachers, parents and students from Green Star Club of many secondary schools in Hanoi.

In particular, students could learn and discuss directly with interns from Princeton University, USA. This was not only an opportunity for them to improve their English and boost their self-confidence but also an active way to cultivate energy and environmental knowledge.

The classes were highly interactive among participants, giving students a chance to ask questions and interact actively with American students and GreenID's members. Students were very excited to participate in many creative activities such as discussions about environment videos, online debates and many interesting games.

In the first three lessons, students were equipped with basic knowledge about environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution and renewable energy. In the last discussion, with the role-playing debate, the children had the opportunity to express their opinions about environmental issues and give their creative ideas for these problems. Joining all 4 discussions would help them improve their confidence and elevate their voice in saving environment and supporting climate action.

At the end of 4th lession, all of the students promised to continue spreading the message of environmental protection. What about you? Let’s do something and save the Earth together!

This activity is part of the project "Civil society meets RE&EE: training, seminar and communication skills to boost RE&EE as a key tool for sustainable development and green growth strategy in Vietnam (E-Enhance)", funded by the EU.