Green Innovation and Development Centre

Rosa 2012

Project Title: Towards a participatory policy development: the case of revised Electricity Law in Vietnam

Objectives of the project

Overall objective: Promoting effective public participation in the process of revision of Electricity Law in Vietnam

Specific Objectives:

  • Increasing the interaction and engagement of CSOs with elected people and related committee of National Assembly in relation to the relation to the revised Electricity Law in Vietnam
  • Raising the voice of local people and public during the policy-making process in relations to Electricity governance


  • Form a task force working on revised Law on Electricity including at least 6 experts on energy and environment
  • The task force review and analysis the draft versions of revised Electricity Law and related documents and consultations with stakeholders to provide recommendations for this Law.
  • Organize consultation workshop with non-state actors to collect their comments and opinion for this Law
  • Organize two round table meetings with National Assembly members during May and October meeting session.
  • Product policy brief for wide distribution.

Project duration: from May 2012 to Oct 2012

The project is implemented under the sponsorship of Rosa and ActionAid International Vietnam