Green Innovation and Development Centre

Rosa 2013

Project Title: Promoting Participatory and Community - led Energy Planning Approach in Nam Dinh province, Red river Delta in Vietnam

Objectitve of the project:

  • To build up capacity for local partners to lead the application of local energy planning process in their communities and become new members of Energy Alliance by the end of 2013
  • To facilitate the application of local energy planning (LEP) with focus on renewable energy, demand side management and participatory approach in two communes of one district in Nam Dinh province by the end of 2013.


  • Field survey to identify two project communes in one district in Nam Dinh province
  • Conduct introduction workshop on the integrated local resources planning (ILRP) tool and LEP and the multiple benefits of sufficient and sustainable energy use and local generation for local authorities and stakeholders
  • Training for local energy team on LEP methodology and practices
  • Analyze situation and prioritize  problems:  survey, collect and process data on energy use and production at house hold, village and commune level; resources mapping 
  • Organize workshop to set plan objectives
  • Investigate solution options
  • Make the Plan
  • Support for the implementation of local energy plan: organize training course for local partners on proposal writing and project management skills

Project duration: Mach to December 2013

The project is implemented under the sponsorship of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Vietnam