Green Innovation and Development Centre


  |   Author : GreenID Vietnam

Promoting co-benefits of sustainable energy, good practices about renewable energy and using energy efficiency.

In the last few years, GreenID has carried out many in-depth analysis of Vietnam's energy system in various aspects aimed at the sustainable development of the energy industry. The aspects analyzed include the development of coal and the effects of this type of energy on the environment, air and human health.

Focusing on the potential of saving and using energy efficiency by households, industry, and power plants, GreenID has introduced some initiative about renewable energy both domestic and international to apply in Vietnam’s situation. We have looked at both centralized and decentralized solutions and selected the right solutions to apply. At the community level, GreenID is implementing decentralized renewable energy solutions that take advantage of available local energy resources to replace harmful energy resources such as coal and oil. In the context of Vietnam's import of coal for future power generation, green solutions not only reduce health impacts, but also reduce dependence on imported energy and even create opportunities for employment and a new growth model for the Vietnamese economy.