Green Innovation and Development Centre


  |   Author : GreenID Vietnam

Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization (NPO) recognized by Decision 840/QD-LHH dated 27th December 2011.

 GreenID works to promote sustainable development in Vietnam and the larger Mekong region and is now on its way to become a leading and credible civil society actor promoting sustainable energy sector development. GreenID recognizes that to promote sustainability it must address constraints related to governance, organisational structures and social and technology integration. GreenID has project-specific experience coupled with cutting edge global knowledge and theory to help integrate sustainable solutions into policy and local communities.

Vision: Sustainable development for the citizens of Vietnam and the larger Mekong region based on widespread use of green, innovative technologies and methods as well as improved governance of the environment and natural resources.

Mission: GreenID works to achieve fundamental change in the approach to sustainable development by promoting the transition to a sustainable energy system, good environmental governance and inclusive decision processes.

Approach: GreenID applies an evidence based, solution oriented and inclusive approach to catalyse for fundamental changes in mind-set and action towards sustainable development. This approach is leading GreenID's research, community and advocacy work

Roles: GreenID sees itself as a constructive innovative local voice in the effort to promote continued economic growth without depleting natural resources or aggravating human’s negative impact on the local and global climate

 Objective 2016 - 2020: GreenID is the leading credible Vietnamese civil society actor promoting sustainable energy sector development. 

1. GreenID is well-known and recognized as a source for  evidence from high quality research on coal power impacts  and sustainable alternative energy solutions

2. GreenID is developing Local Energy Planning (LEP)  to become the model for designing sustainable energy solutions  at the commune level in Vietnam

3. GreenID is facilitating the application of  green packages including but not limited to  sustainable energy and water solutions to local communities

4. GreenID is supporting Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA)  to become a well-known advocacy alliance on  sustainable energy development in Vietnam

5. GreenID is increasing public participation in  decision making processes related to energy,  water and climate change