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Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance

Invitation for Gold Standard Project Design Consultation "Vietnam Rural Electrification Project by GreenID"
On 30 July, 2021, Green Innovation and Development Center (GreenID) cooperated with Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) to organize a webinar program summarizing the project " Increasing capacity building for social, professional and local organizations on renewable energy (RE) and efficiency energy (EE) solutions through training courses, workshops, seminars and communication to contribute to promoting the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development and green growth in Vietnam (E-Enhance)" chaired by GreenID from August 2017 to August 2021 with the financial support of Delegation of the European Union. The closing ceremony officially ended that proud journey. Let's all look back on the past 4 years.
Vietnam acted swiftly and drastically when the first news of the emergence of the COVID-19 virus broke, enacting strict and early prevention measures that other countries wouldn’t adopt until months ...
Project "Mobilizing the Co-Benefits of Renewable Energy Development and Climate Change Mitigation in Vietnam" (COBENEFITS)
Project "Civil Society meets renewable energy & energy efficiency" foster the development of Renewable Energy (RE) & Energy Efficiency (EE) in Vietnam through capacity building for Vietnamese civil society organizations (CSOs) and local champions in order to improve energy access and living conditions of Vietnamese citizens.