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OCBC is now coal-free: Singapore bank drops out of final coal project

The bank’s move away from the 1,200-megawatt Vung Ang 2 coal plant in Vietnam has been praised by environmentalists, who say that unlike rivals that have claimed to stop funding the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, OCBC is “walking the talk”.

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Press Release: 130 banks holding USD 47 trillion in assets commit to climate action and sustainability

New York, 22 September 2019 – In a massive boost for climate action and sustainability, leading banks and the United Nations today launched the Principles for Responsible Banking, with 130 banks collectively holding USD 47 trillion in assets, or one third of the global banking sector, signed up.

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Press Release: Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2019

Today, September 17th, 2019, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA), Vietnam Climate Action Alliance (VCCA) and the Working Group on Climate Change (CCWG) organize Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2019. The event takes place from 17th to 20th September in Hanoi and An Giang aiming to create a forum for information exchange and multi-stakeholder dialogue in order to propose solutions to contribute to the process of just energy transition and bring the greatest benefits for sustainable development in Vietnam.

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Wednesday the 20th of March: Apolitical, the peer-to-peer learning platform for government, today announced its inaugural list of the 100 Most Influential People in Climate Policy 2019.

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South Chungcheong Province, home to half of South Korea’s coal power generation, joins Powering Past Coal Alliance 

South Chungcheong, a province home to half of South Korea’s coal power generation, has joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance.

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NGOs Release List of World’s Top Coal Plant Developers

“Our list names the top companies investors and banks need to shun if they are committed to limiting our planet’s temperature rise.”

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