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Program Officer for Clean energy program

GreenID is seeking to recruit a Program Officer for Clean energy program.

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Program Officer for Clean air & water program

GreenID is seeking to recruit a Program Officer for Clean air & water program.

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COBENEFITS trainings in Vietnam (Ha Noi) – Apply now for Scholarships!

The training will allow participants to get an in-depth view into co-benefits analysis and methodologies and to learn more about important issues related to renewable energy deployment in Vietnam. How to apply?

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Positiom available: Mekong Director, International Energy Programme

We are looking for an experienced strategist with an excellent track record and outstanding networking skills and with a strong knowledge of campaigning, advocacy and coalition-building. If you want to be involved in working with a diverse array of groups, developing grant-making strategy and advising on grant-making, this is the position for you! 

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Online Training on co-benefit of renewable energy

The global transition to renewable sources of energy, as a key action area for climate change mitigation, requires new professional competences ...

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Reviewers for Study on best practices of dual use approaches in the field of Renewable energy development in Can Tho province, Vietnam

GreenID is seeking 01 reviewers in Renewable energy field, especially in Solar energy to review for the report on Dual-use Approaches for Solar Energy and Food production- Feasibility and Potential for Vietnam.

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