Green Innovation and Development Centre


  |   Author : GreenID Vietnam

Bring the voice of the community to the policy maker

The Green Growth Program of GreenID is aim to promote green solution, sustainable energy model based on the community, to impulse using energy efficiency and take advantage of local energy resources. Mitigating climate change, implementing solutions and improving environmental management are key activities in GreenID's green development program.

GreenID believes that the voices of communities should be put at the heart of public policies.Through Green Growth Action Plan (GGAP) at national level, by using the real data, GreenID has been actively involved in the green energy sector, providing practical and supportive solution and support for GGAP implementation. At the provincial level, GreenID supports local governments by sharing knowledge, supporting local initiatives within the GGAP framework, and integrating local energy plans (LEPs) into community GGAP implementation, contributing to rural development and creating local values. Not only providing solutions and using energy efficiency, GreenID also provides clean energy services as well as preventive power solutions for disaster areas.