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Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) is a cooperation between Vietnamese and international NGOs to enhance sustainable energy development in Vietnam and the Mekong Region by promoting sustainable energy policies, energy conservation ...

The Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) was established in 2012, including members of Vietnamese and international NGOs cooperating to strengthen sustainable energy development for human and environment by promoting participatory energy policy-making process, implementation of decentralized renewable energy solutions and application of energy efficiency.
Vietnam is privileged regarding its extensive potential for renewable energy. Adoption of energy efficiency and demand-side management measures remains far from fully exploited. More efficient use of non-commercial energy sources and decentralized renewable electricity generation would make Vietnam’s electricity production more resilient, flexible and sustainable. It would also decrease Vietnam’s need for imported energy sources and electricity from other countries in the region. Development of policies and actions to facilitate a transition to a low-carbon economy, including the development of the renewable energy sector and increasing energy efficiency, as a strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change, might be the first step. The current power development planning approach is primarily designed to support national and sector-based goals. However as energy security and Climate Change continue to be pressing issues for Vietnam civil society and non-state actors will play a greater role in paving the way for sustainable development. 
VSEA understands itself as a proactive partner within Vietnam’s energy transition. Through research, awareness raising and advocacy, VSEA would like to support Vietnam transformation into a green growing economy.

VSEA envisions a sustainable energy development for humans and the environment.

VSEA’s goal in the next five year is being acknowledged as a valuable dialogue partner for energy sector development in Vietnam and region.

VSEA’s objectives (2016-2020):

•By 2020, VSEA actively participate in monitoring and contributing recommendation to at least 2 laws and 3 plannings related to energy development in order to increase the share of RE and reduce fossil fuel in the power mix of Vietnam.

•Members and partners of VSEA build their capacity to actively and effectively contribute to sustainable energy development.

• VSEA increase public awareness and change their behavior toward sustainable energy.

• Local energy initiatives are promoted to enable communities to use and develop sustainable energy sources effectively.

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