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Policy and Networking Program

Alliance, collaboration, connectivity and development of network is selected as one of the principles and core values of GreenID during operation towards sustainable development in Vietnam. Alliance is also an effective solution to help implement GreenID overall approach being systematic, integrated, comprehensive and radical in order to achieve its goals and mission. GreenID is always conscious and to attempt to connect resources, innovations and initiatives from individuals and organizations to enhance understanding between the parties by sharing information, exchanging views, reconciling difference towards multilateral benefit, hence to create a general power, consensus towards sustainable development, ensuring fair and democratic participation in society.

GreenID is now actively involving in a number of networks and alliances in Vietnam, the Mekong region, South East Asia and over the world. In Vietnam, GreenID is a founding member as well as the contact point of the Energy Alliance ( GreenID is also key member of the working group on climate change (CCWG: and is actively supporting Vietnam Rivers Network in policy advocacy related to energy and sustainable development (VRN:

At the regional level, GreenID is an active member of Save the Mekong Coalition (, and the national coordinator of Mekong Energy and Ecology Network (MeeNet: as well as the contact point of the Renewable Energy Council in Southeast Asia. At the global level, GreenID actively engages in initiatives and forum discussing response to climate change and fossil fuels reform.

Through this network and forum, GreenID with its partners create communication channels, making policy significant contribution to the sustainable development at national, regional and global levels for the energy sector, environmental protection, natural resource management and adaptation to climate change.



Vision & Mission

Vision: GreenID envisions sustainable development for Vietnam and the larger Mekong region based on improved governance of the environment, good natural resources management, and widespread use of green technologies and production ...

Human Resource

HUMAN RESOURCE   No     FULL NAME   POSITION   MAIL ADDRESS 1 Founder Board  Nguy Thi Khanh BA Executive Director 2 Dr. Thai Thi Minh Consultant expert 3 Dr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh Consultant expert 4 Dr. Dao Trong Tu Consultant expert 5             Permanent staff Tran Dinh Sinh Vice Director 6 Le Ngoc Son Green Community Program Coordinator 7 Nguyen ...

About us

Organization’s name: Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID) GreenID is a non-profit organization established under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations ( VUSTA) and recongnizex by Decision 840/QD-LHH dated ...


Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) is a cooperation between Vietnamese and international NGOs to enhance sustainable energy development in Vietnam and the Mekong Region by promoting sustainable energy policies, energy conservation ...