Green Innovation and Development Centre
Program Officer for Clean energy program

GreenID is seeking to recruit a Program Officer for Clean energy program.

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The summary program "Pioneering schools to reduce and classify garbage"

On December 21, a large number of students from schools in Hoan Kiem district responded to the recycling festival for a green planet and summarized the program "Pioneering schools in reducing and sorting garbage".

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Program Officer for Clean air & water program

GreenID is seeking to recruit a Program Officer for Clean air & water program.

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Five years after Paris accord, extreme weather the new normal

Climate change challenges have assumed deadly serious proportions in Vietnam, demanding that the country steps up contributions to meeting global temperature goals.

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Improve knowledge for the core group of the Green School program in Quang Tri Province

On November 28, at Hai Que Secondary School, Quang Tri, GreenID organized a training course for teachers of 3 primary and secondary schools on a training program with topics on Energy, Air Pollution, Waste, and Water.

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Renewable energy on the rise in Vietnam

Vietnam is increasing its portion of renewable energy while reducing that of fossil energy to promote sustainable development, ensure energy security and reduce carbon emissions while at the same time boosting economic development, improving the people’s access to clean energies and creating more jobs for the community, experts said at a seminar in the Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang on November 24.

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