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Following the success of the Children's Forum 2020, this year the Forum continues the 2021 version with the theme: "Green Energy Leader".

Following the success of the Children's Forum 2020, this year the Forum continues the 2021 version with the theme: "Green Energy Leader".

In particular, compared to last year, the Forum 2021 will be organized with 2 events: Online Forum (June 21-23, 2021) and Offline Forum (expected in July).

The online forum has attracted hundreds of students from school clusters to participate in 3 days of June 21-23, 2021. The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic did not stop the excitement and enthusiasm of the students and teachers. The organizers were also surprised at their enthusiasm, not only in interactive competitions such as debates and online games, but also in exchanges between them and GreenID's energy experts. Their questions show a deep understanding and genuine interest in energy and the environment.

What do you think about these questions from students at secondary school:

👉 Is hhydrogen a renewable energy?

👉 How to know the amount of electricity saved from solar energy?

👉 My family used to use solar water heater for family but not enough hot water in winter, is there any way to fix this?

👉 Solar panels( photovoltic panels) when damaged and handled, do they affect the environment? 

👉 When there is no sun, on rainy days, what will power from solar energy do? 

In order to give conditions for children to speak up, the organizers of the Online Children's Forum 2021 have integrated many interactive activities such as a debate between teams on the topic "Students play the main role in saving electricity at school". " and the Kahoot game section with the theme "Effective and economical use of energy".

Despite their young, the children showed very professional and logical in debating skills, making the auditorium even though it was only online, it was still hot and vibrant as if it were a live event. The organizers still say to each other: "If the program can be held offline, it will still be hot and vibrant. It will definitely be much better". 

So we can see that a young Vietnamese generation in the future has excelled today and will definitely go further on the journey to become a Green Energy Leader in the future. We hope that you guys will always keep such enthusiasm in the coming development journey.

The program could not be successful without the enthusiastic participation and full support from the teachers representing the participating schools. But we believes that all of us were n surprised by the dynamism of the children and also gets more energy from you guys. 

At the end of the 3 days of the forum, many gifts were sent by Organizers to the most active children who won in the interactive sections. Summer has just begun. Please follow the offline forum that will be held in the shortest time at the event of the program:

See you!