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PR - VIetnam Renewable Energy Week 2017 - Renewable Energy: Co- Benefits for Everyone

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Hanoi – August 21st 2017, Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) in collaboration with Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) and Southwest Steering Committee organizes the Opening Ceremony of Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2017

It is a kick-off event  of Renewable Energy Week in Hanoi and Can Tho from 21 - 25/8/2017 with an effort to contribute to promote renewable energy development, green growth and sustainable development in Vietnam. On the other hand, it is also a proper space for policy makers, businesses, investors, development aid agencies as well as non-profit organizations, experts and individuals who are interested or working in renewable energy sector can interact, exchange and accelerate investment cooperation opportunities in the field.

“In the world, renewable energy has become a new mainstream as well as one of the priority sectors in Communist Party of Vietnam‘s sustainable development plan and policies. I believe that investing in renewable energy in Vietnam will increase speedily in the near future“, Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai – Vice President of VUSTA, a keen suporter of development and transfer of clean energy technology insisted.

The Renewable Energy Week 2017 focuses on three key messages: (1) Renewable energy development and energy efficiency have become the inevitable trend in the world and many countries have moved rapidly following this trend. (2) Renewable energy brings many benefits in terms of socio-economic, environment and health, creating employment opportunities and contributing significantly to national energy security. (3) Proper understanding of the role and value of renewable energy to have appropriate policies to promote creativity as well as contribution of enterprises and people to the development of the renewable energy market will  bring benefits for the State, society and resident in Vietnam.
“VSEA believes that renewable energy development and energy efficiency are not only essential solutions in tackling with global climate change but also bringing new economic opportunities and economic benefits, increasing access to energy for the poor, reducing environmental pollution as well as contributing to ensure national energy security“– Mrs. Nguy Thi Khanh – Executive Director of GreenID – coordinating of VSEA said.

The Renewable Energy Week 2017 has a multifarious and variety content on the type of activity. Participants will have a chance to visit BoViet's solar cell production based in Bac Giang province where about 80% of solar panels in Vietnam produced.  Participants also can visit a solar power model to provide clean drinking water to the entire citizen in Tu Mai commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province. Comprehensive seminars on solar energy market, debunking myths about renewable energy, Green Finance and Sustainable Technology will be held with the participation of national as well as international prestigious experts and speakers. Furthermore, workshop Think Green, Think Canada - Best Practices in Sustainable Technologies will provide an opportunity to interact and directly share experience with major Canadian companies in the field of green development.
“Given Canada’s firm commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, Canadian government and businesses are shifting to a cleaner future that reduces carbon pollution while fostering innovations, strengthening our economy, and creating the jobs of the future.
The Embassy of Canada is pleased to support the seminar “Think Green, Think Canada – Best Practices in Sustainable Technologies” during Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2017 in HanoiWe hope to share Canadian innovations in sustainable technologies which support our green future here in Vietnam.” said HE.Ping Kitnikone – Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam.

It is believed that through this event, participants and general public will be provided with sufficient information about the development trend as well as socio-economic and environmental benefits from renewable energy. Due to that, concrete actions from policy makers, businesses and citizens will be implemented urgently and effectively to bring Vietnam to the Green and Sustainable Development Future. For details agenda of the Renewable Energy Week 2017, please see the link:

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Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) was established in 2012, with 12 members of Vietnamese and international NGOs cooperating to strengthen sustainable energy development in Vietnam and Mekong region by promoting participatory energy policy-making process, implementation of decentralized renewable energy solutions and application of energy efficiency.