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“Feet in tariff” (FIT) policy will create green developmental growth in Vietnam

The Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA) is the cooperation between 7 NGOs and independent energy experts in Vietnam, established in 2012. VSEA seeks to promote sustainable energy development in Vietnam and Mekong region by promoting an inclusive energy policy making process, introducing sustainable alternative energy solutions for the benefit of local communities and advocating for sustainable energy policies.

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Workshop "Coal and coal power: The unknowns"

Hanoi, September 22th 2015 "Coal and coal power: The unknowns" .

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Extreme weather event unfolds further in Vietnam with toxic spills and flooding now from multiple coal mine and power plant sites surrounding Ha Long Bay

Quang Ninh, Vietnam – August 1, 2015: Ongoing and forecast increased downpours in northeastern Vietnam have now seen toxic spills and flooding from multiple coal mine and power plant sites in the province surrounding the Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site.  

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