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3rd Training of Trainer in Hanoi: Community Communication about Sustainable Energy

From 23rd to 24th, Febuary, 2019 in Hanoi, the 3rd training of trainers: community communication on sustainable energy was held following the 2nd training in Cu Pui, Krong Bong, Dak Lak in Octorber, 2018. The aim of this training are advancing both knowledge about sustainable energy models and training organizating skills for trainers. Thereby, we can achieve the goal training civil local social, professional organisations and promoting local initiatives about sustainable energy in 2019.

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COBENEFITS trainings in Vietnam (Ha Noi) – Apply now for Scholarships!

The training will allow participants to get an in-depth view into co-benefits analysis and methodologies and to learn more about important issues related to renewable energy deployment in Vietnam. How to apply?

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Positiom available: Mekong Director, International Energy Programme

We are looking for an experienced strategist with an excellent track record and outstanding networking skills and with a strong knowledge of campaigning, advocacy and coalition-building. If you want to be involved in working with a diverse array of groups, developing grant-making strategy and advising on grant-making, this is the position for you! 

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Publish Report “Dual-use approaches for Solar energy and Food production, International experience and potentials for Vietnam”

REPORT SUMMARY “Dual-use approaches for Solar energy and Food production, International experience and potentials for Vietnam”

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Meet Nguy Thi Khanh, the woman championing Vietnam’s energy development

Environmental activist Nguy Thi Khanh has been working for the socially just development of Vietnam and Southeast Asia for almost 20 years, and received the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize for her work to push Vietnam’s energy transition.

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Narrow the energy gap with Integrated drinking water and solar power supply

It can be considered that clean water comes to the remote village today, mainly from the hand in hand towarding Green Energy and by Runners contribution 5 months ago. In the process, Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance is really proud to be a bridge.

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