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  |   Author : Thanh Huyen

At the time Hanoi and the Northern region are faced a big problem- the air quality was extremely bad, especially harmful to the health,...

At the time Hanoi and the Northern region are faced a big problem- the air quality was extremely bad, especially harmful to the health, GreenID's teachers who are not profession- one again spend their short weekends, returning to the school sites, accompanying with the Green Star kids. We find a place with lots of green trees and tell how clean and dirty the air is, playing games to discover how clean energy contributes to reducing air pollution and greening the living space during the club training sessions.

In September 11, 2019, GreenID Club members training program was designed for more than 150 students from 04 schools: Trung Hoa Secondary School, Pascal Secondary School, Yen So Secondary School (in Hanoi) and Tung Trung Pho Secondary School (in Lao Cai), in order to equip the core members with knowledge about air stories, energy saving issues and renewable energy solutions suitable for school and family models. We design lectures, train activities as well as develop instructional materials in an evocative and participatory manner, with a focus on promoting pioneering autonomy and building a sense of responsibility. The task of "changing behavior" and increasing self-awareness about the role of each individual in the greening of schools and families, making a positive contribution to the fight against climate change for the future.

Air topic is the first topic that we choose to train for students to help students be aware of the real situation of air pollution: how it is harmful, how health and individual measures can be "done and done right away" to minimize and adapt to this problem.

We coordinated with the school to install the PAM Air – an air quality meter in the school, assigning the daily task of "flying the air quality flag" to the Blue Star Club President of each school in charge to inform information to the whole school as well as the people in the surrounding area. We bring a set of clean air games - green energy, pictures with interesting information about air pollution solutions to the school yard and organize clean air exhibition fairs for small children.

Look at the kids who are so into it when they "cover the blanket with a flashlight and hunt dust" (visible with the naked eye), running around the corners of the school to verify how the air quality in the areas increases and decreases; or immerse yourself in the creative technology of mini-solar panels that create wind, make the bell rings ... We understand green seeds are sprouting in those little friends.

The story of Clean Air has never been more urgent. At a time when we lacked a lot of urgent action to reduce our impact, or advocacy for Clean Air laws, the study of emission sources has not worked yet, transparency Accurate information with high scientific content, and at the same time, promoting actionable solutions from collective efforts to individuals, many components are essential.

Individuals who have solutions to make the family atmosphere more clean, organizations call for the joining of initiatives that bring sustainable benefits, experts and scientists to the hard and relentless effort. Therefore, this is a long journey, and it is not certain that the results will be finalized. but it is urgent because we are dying; The air environment is also calling for help day by day ...

We will also persist in telling stories about the changing behavior of each individual student, teacher in Green School: whoever takes the bus or bicycle; who checked the air quality daily and told their parents to stop burning honeycomb charcoal stove, burning straw after harvesting but keeping straw to grow mushrooms; which plant to grow more shade, more fresh air ...

This activity is part of the project "Civil society meets RE&EE: training, seminar and communication skills to boost RE&EE as a key tool for sustainable development and green growth strategy in Vietnam (E-Enhance)", funded by the EU.