Green Innovation and Development Centre


  |   Author : Thanh Huyen

Understanding the ecosystem, the position of people in the ecosystem is the last lesson we choose to close the series of training on the topic of Air and Energy for Pascal Secondary students, and also is the opening of training series for Yen So Secondary School.

We think that: it is essential to acknowledge an overview of the surrounding ecosystem, so that the students "look within themselves" and reflect what we still remind each other "behave" with the environment in the right way. Where are we in the ecosystem? How have people been "arrogant" to turn the world around? Are the pains of soil, water, air and other creatures present until 2019? The process of asking, discovering and answering each of these questions in an individual will open up a vast and fertile land within you, where pioneering spirit changes and is ready to create. Change is sprouting young buds.

We still need the soil to survive, the air to breathe, the water to survive, and we also need to live in harmony with the surrounding creatures. Being aware that people are individuals in the ecosystem, not playing a unique role, is the key to evoking the minds of young people to understand the effects of our consumption process on the environment, recognize your responsibility to minimize your "ecological footprint".

Listen to the kids talk about the process of exerting themselves for the utmost, sometimes helpless, and the hopes filled in the process of persuading the family, the people around them to take a piece of trash, a plastic bag, turn off the lights when you leave the room, drink the water from the poured glass; We are really grateful to you all. The tears when watching the video is about the damage of the environment, creatures; Concerns about how to be more consistent in the process of persuading change from your loved ones, holding hands in a big circle to add strength ... The process of seeing the children burst into laughter while playing the game "How much do I contain?", as the whole class tries to hold each others to stand on a tiny A0-sized newspaper - symbolizing the land we live in. ... then look at the thoughtful children as they sit and think about the rapid development of people causing negative effects on the earth (such as the newspaper torn, wrinkled after the last game). The children taught themselves, and told us the lesson about "reducing demand", about "uniting together, trying hard ..." The process of growing up and more. Luckily, we were brothers and sisters who have opportunities to observe, evoke, tell stories and connect.

"Do your best," is what we often talk to each other and our children. The journey of changing to live in harmony with the ecosystem has many difficulties, but there are also many solutions, from individuals to groups, with different levels. And each individual has different starting points on that long journey. The journey does not need additional blame; but rather more respect for diversity, more sharing sympathy, and more support needed to persevere towards the destination.

This activity is part of the project "Civil society meets RE&EE: training, seminar and communication skills to boost RE&EE as a key tool for sustainable development and green growth strategy in Vietnam (E-Enhance)", funded by the EU.