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TERMS OF REFERENCE Job decription for communications officer


1.      About GreenID
Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization (NPO) established under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) and recognized by Decision 840/QD-LHH dated 27th December 2011. GreenID works to promote sustainable development in Vietnam and the larger Mekong region, and is now on its way to become a leading and credible civil society actor promoting sustainable energy sector development.
Over the last five years, GreenID has carried out a lot of research, providing sustainable energy solutions to communities and advocacy in the field of energy planning, renewable energy, climate change, reduction of fossil fuel use and clean water supply. By doing so, GreenID has project-specific experience couped with cutting edge global knowledge and theory to help integrate sustainable solutions into policy and local communities.
Recognizing GreenID contribution to promoting sustainable energy development in Vietnam, the European Union has recently granted financial support for the organisation to implement the project: "Civil society meets renewable energy (RE) & energy efficiency (EE)". The project will be carried out with the technical support of the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU) in the implementation period of  four-years. In order to contribute to achieve the project objectives and the Green Community Team’s goals, GreenID is looking for a a qualified candidate for the post of Communications Officer as described below:

2.      Overall responsibilities
-       Develop communication plans and implement communication activities accordingly;
-       Promote the image of GreenID as a  leading, credible Vietnamese civil society actor in promoting sustainable energy  development;
-       Ensure that the visibility and identity of the donor are abided in accordance with its requirements on communication and visibility;
-       Inform results and impact that the EU project will have achieved to target audiences;
-       Manage all EU project’s data and communication materials;
-       Inform and promote the results and impact of the Green Community Team‘s projects in different channels to achieve the goals that GreenID is pursuing.
3.      Specific duties and accountabilities
EU Project ( 60-70% of the working time)
-          Develop communication plan and action plan for each project activity and implement the plans accordingly;
-          Responsible for contacting the donor's Communications Officer for information or  support before starting any communication activities or helping relevant stakeholders have visibility into the project;
-          Establish, maintain relationship with strategic communication partners, involve in field trips together with journalists to the project sites;
-          Set up  RE&EE column on GreenID website and manage communication channels related to the project;
-          Design communication tools / products (e.g. project summary, infographic, brochure, press release) in accordance with the donor’s requirements and guidelines;
-          Provide information upon the donor’s request, make reports on  communication activities in  interim and final reports to the donor;
-          Write and publish  press releases, articles  about  project activities, success stories on GreenID fanpage and social media networks, with  content focussing on the results and achievements of the project;
-          Make short video clips, take photos of  project activities;
-          Responsible for managing and  archieving all communication materials of the project to provide to the donor when requested;
-          Comply with the donor’s requirements on copyright issues;
-          Be creative in designing communication products and reporting;
-          Develop budget plans for the implementation of communication activities.
Green Community Team ‘s projects: (30 - 40% of the working time)

-       Support members to carry out community-based communication activities of  the Green Community Team’s projects;
-       Develop and coordinate the implementation of communication activities for the team's products and programs;
-       Develop communication plan and action plan for each project activity and implement the plans accordingly;
-       Compile, design communications products and materials for communication activities of the Green Community Program;
-       Support and document success stories about energy sustainable solutions in communities in order to promote the benefits of LEP to relevant stakeholders;
-       Assist project coordinators in posting articles and stories about project activities.

Other tasks:
-       Support the implementation of emerging tasks for the EU project and the Green Community Team when requested like doing translation, presenting  at communications training workshops and providing logistics support.
4.      Requirements:
-       Academic and/or work experience related to to communication, graphic design, journalism. Priority is given to candidates having a masters degree;
-       At least 2 year experience in the field of communication, priority is given to candidates who have experience working with non-governmental organizations;
-       Ability to synthesize and analyze information;
-       Good speaking and writing skills in both English and Vietnamese;
-       Ability to  use photoshop indesign or other design softwares is an advantage
-       Be creative, dynamic, flexible and active in work;
-       Know filming, photography;
-       Ability to work independently, teamwork and under pressure.
-       Have knowledge in sustainable energy is an advantage;
-       Be willing to travel across the country and overseas to meet job requirements;
-       Good at time management
5.      Benefits:
-       Work in a friendly and active working environment;
-       Reward with a competitive salary(based on capacity);
-       Have stable job opportunity;
-       Have a chance to attend training activities to improve capacity for personal growth;
-       Other benefits: traveling, participating in the organisation’s recreational activities .
6.      How to apply:
Interested candidates should send a CV and a cover letter to:
Ms. Nguyen Hong Thuy - EU Project Coordinator.
Email:; Tel: 04 37956372
Deadline: 30 July, 2017.