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05 skills practiced by Pascal Secondary School students at the Green Star Club Meeting (May 23, 2019)

  |   Author : Thanh Huyen

05 skills practiced by Pascal Secondary School students at the Green Star Club Meeting (May 23, 2019)

1. Positive thinking - Focus on Solution

"What can we do? What will we do?" – Those are the questions that "teachers" at GreenID always ask young members of the Green Star Club to promote positive thinking toward finding solutions, instead of focusing too much on the current issue of energy or air quality.

It goes without saying that to find a solution, we need to start by getting to know the situation and the root of the problem. However, the "CAN DO" spirit and positive thinking always need to be maintained and encouraged. This is always a prerequisite to the choice of the Green School Program's Education approach that GreenID pursues.

2. Public speaking

"If you raise your voice, you will have the opportunity to make an impact."

In designing and building activities for the Green Star Club meeting as well as future educational and training activities, we always pay attention to enhancing individuals’ ability to participate. Creating the space and offering each individual an opportunity to speak up and present their views on social issues is the first step to nurturing a sense of RESPONSIBILITY in young members.

3. Having courage to achieve a breakthrough together

Courageous and not deterred by difficulty or hardship, the young pioneers are the ones who dare to dream big and do big. We believe that: Any child would be brave and live boldly through experiences and failures.  

4. Sharing – Collaborating

The spirit of teamwork and collaboration is a recurring theme in all activities of the Green Star Club Meeting.

The games we designed are diverse in nature: some ask for physical movements, some ask for analytical thinking, others ask for creativity and skillfulness… All of the challenges require participation of the whole team rather than that of a sole individual.

Listening to the young members share about discovering their strengths and using them to delegate tasks and support one another to overcome challenges, we are positive that they have learned the spirit of Teamwork!

5. Equality

In the Green Star Club meeting, we have to select 5-10 club representatives of the school club to participate in the Initiative Summer Camp Program in June 2019 (Promoting Green Initiatives Summer Camp from 50 pioneering members from at least 05 schools nationwide).

And we decide to offer Green Stars the ability to make those decisions.

GreenID teachers understand that: Treating the young members equally is a stepping stone to nurturing a sense of equality in their own behaviors.

Follow the next journey of Sharing and Spreading a Green Future of young Pascal Junior High school students, after being equipped with a big “backpack” of skills.

This activity is part of the project "Civil society meets RE&EE: training, seminar and communication skills to boost RE&EE as a key tool for sustainable development and green growth strategy in Vietnam (E-Enhance)", funded by the EU.