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Advanced Trainer Training Course on Renewable Energy

  |   Author : Thanh Huyen

In the way to make millions homes green, GreenID Vietnam has always hoped to connect the pioneers from all over the country carrying the message "Sharing and spreading the green ear" far away. More than anyone, we understand that: There is no as sustainable resources as the internal resources of the community!

In the way to make millions homes green, GreenID Vietnam has always hoped to connect the pioneers from all over the country carrying the message "Sharing and spreading the green ear" far away. More than anyone, we understand that: There is no as sustainable resources as the internal resources of the community!

From 09th, September to 14th, September, 2018, in Tam Dao, Vinhphuc, "Community Lecturer on Sustainable Energy" Training - Advanced Trainer Training Course on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency was organized to select 5-10 outstanding trainees to continue their communication activities to spread the knowledge of Sustainable Energy. The program is a part of the "Civil society meets Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency" project, which is implemented by Green Innovation and Development Centre with financial support from the European Union.

The training course is designed in 5 days about "Community Communication for Sustainable Energy" to improve the skills and attitudes of 26 trainees from 12 provinces stretching from the Northwest to Ca Mau cape. Besides, the course has also experts in energy and communication training such as Mr. Tran Tien Duc - Program Director of GreenID Vietnam, Ms. Vo Thi Xuan Quyen - Coordinator Project of GreenID Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin and Ms. Nguyen Thi Quyen - Technical staff on sustainable energy model, GreenID Vietnam ...

In terms of knowledge, the training provided participants with an overview of Sustainable Energy and its positive effects in the fields of living, production, society ... With the support of experts, learners listen and have experience in Q & A through teaching methods enhancing participation. This teaching method not only helps to promote participation of learners as trainees, but also allows learners to experience the training / communication methods as trainers in the local community. The theory of access to information of adults is also conveyed cleverly by the teacher, Tran Tien Duc, through interactive games, visualization, mapping messages... Understanding psychology & behavior of adults, mastering the organizational skills, design training session skills, communication plans at the end of the course are small achievements of the effort, focus and passion of the whole class together towards Sustainable Energy.

During the next 3 days of the course, trainees explore and have experience in the two essential skill groups of community communication trainers: Presentation Skills (Use equipment - basic stationery, crowd-standing, speaking-writing and presentation skills) and the Executive Skills (Question use, Listening, Encouraging, Motivating skills). To convey such difficult and technical contents to learners from 22 to 65 years old, with varied professions: local officials, NGOs, university lecturers, electrical technicians in all areas ...; GreenID's teaching staffs are constantly thinking, listening learners’ contribution to diversify knowledge and skill teaching in the most suitable way.

When we are thinking together, wholeheartedly concentrating and constantly asking questions for effective direction, we will find some answers. Education for education is a hard work. But when chosen to do, it will always bring true values. Promoting groups with the diversification in age, occupation, social status and gender to learn skills is exactly something that future trainers need to cultivate and have actual experience in this training course as pioneer learners! Seriousness, sharing, equality, and progressive spirit are things that any student can feel from the classroom. Every day with 8 hours of study not lacking anyone, the rules of class about late, the phone in silence during study hours ... are built by learners together.

The spirit of active and intense learning each day has given program organizers in GreenID a tremendous impetus. They access to knowledge in the progressive spirit, feedback on lessons with the determined spirit, sincere sharing ... Nobody else than them have become main trainers in this training and together make a fully successful project. GreenID does not bring knowledge to "teach" anyone, but rather creates a learning environment that emphasizes critical thinking and general value sharing. In the classroom of GreenID, the learners always become the center of learning, and there seems to be any barrier. Everything comes natural and Everyone harmony in the space of vibrant learning by their heart.

"Learning hard, playing hard" seems to become the slogan of this lovely class. Everyone has a personality, but always open with each other, doesn’t hesitate to share the smile, humorous humor, encouragement together. The traditional verses, dances, riddles are popular in the lessons, the contests ... Love the homeland, Gratitude to the source connect lecturers with students? We take opportunity to connect together; remove language, level, age and gender barrier in the delicious meals, the moments exploring the beauty, cool air of Tam Dao. Opening the space to meet the individual-society demands and remove the main barriers is that GreenID always considers putting into the curriculum. On the last days, we were really touched when things took place as well!

The letters, multicolored gala night, “see you again” in the next training in Dak Lak (in October, 2018) ...made an emotional farewell. Thank and love are never enough, and it is wonderful that they come from all over the country, from the "adults" who maybe forget to say love daily, from the good value towards the green community.

Thank 29 members of the Sustainable Energy Resource Training for your enthusiasm, sincerity, effort and responsibility on the past few days. The next training in Dak Lak will be more difficult, but GreenID always believe in leaners’ action and connect!