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  |   Author : Thanh Huyen

Taking advantage of communication in kinds of connection and sharing, GreenID always prioritizes communication as an approach to spread the benefits and usability of renewable energy, using energy savings and efficiency to each Vietnamese households.

Taking advantage of communication in kinds of connection and sharing, GreenID always prioritizes communication as an approach to spread the benefits and usability of renewable energy, using energy savings and efficiency to each Vietnamese households.

From 21th to 23th October 2018, GreenID organized the communication training course, namely “Training of trainers: Community Communication on Sustainable Energy”. In this course, the trainees also run the communication activity, namely “Share and spread a green future” which helped people in Cu Pui commune, Krong Bong district, Daklak province access to information about sustainable energy. During three days, 40 trainees from 14 provinces in Vietnam have come together to experience three significant communication activities. It was the most precious experience not only for local people, but also for the community trainers.

Ms.Vo Thi Xuan Quyen with 40 members of Training courses

This communication training courses based on the participatory learning theory, organized by GreenID in order to provide participants knowledges, skills and capacity to carry out communication activities in locals. In this course, GreenID selected the trainees who are the core staff (People's Committee, Farmer's Association, Science and Technology Association, representatives of Ministry of Industry and Trade, representatives of Women's Union, Youth Union or teachers ...) and have the potential abilities to re-implement the training courses for local people or staff members later. After two training courses (the first training course of theory of knowledge, skills, attitude in Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province and the second one of direct communication practice in Cu Pui commune), GreenID continued to select the groups of trainees who were the most willing persons to become the advanced trainers, continuing to carry out the communication workshops in Vietnam in the period of 2018 - 2019.

Participatory training for adults - people of diverse age, social status, region, language, gender, worldview ... is a challenge. However, this will be the considerable achievements if the trainer opens the space for the participants to connect, share, respect the differences. Choosing the form of training to communicate on the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency as an essential solution to local energy needs, we always use the cycle of "learning through experience" into the training program. The process of this training method is that the participants experience the real benefits of models through intuitive modeling, the same analysis provides lessons, thereby designing of lectures for active core faculty trainers. If knowledge is transmitted in two dimensions with specific details, learners will be easier to receive, remember. That each participant is motivated to participate in the discussion, understanding and experience of the benefits of Sustainable Energy means the project makes progress step by step.

Community Communication in Cu Pui commune is also our four direct communication to four villages which are organized and coordinated by the future advanced trainers.

The method of communication chosen by our advanced trainers is direct mini-group communication. Basically, there were the small media events at the village culture house, where people are invited to attend, exchange and listen to sustainable energy models as a solution for household electricity needs. myself. In such face-to-face communication sessions, the communication team had the opportunity to answer all the questions and give them the initiative to create the connection space in order to motivate the direct actions. The direct communications are more necessary than ever, enhancing people access to information and understanding of sustainable energy models.

The local energy team introduced the portable pamp model for the local

Four media events, nearly 200 attendances and more than 50 directly registered people may not be that significant numbers but are way enough to our appreciation. Though coming from all over the country, every participants are always willing to listening and sharing. Even the difference in local language somehow fades away in combination with the local power team with a view to conveying messages to the indigenous people.  Facilities deficiency is now becoming a motivation for the flexibility of inner power mobilization. Above all, it’s our honor that we can be there to watch your dusk-till-dawn lessons designation, how patiently listening you do with every little questions from the locals regardless of the language barrier, the way you gather all the …. power model applied in houses as supportive of the media events…..

Commnication in Ea Bar village, Cư Pui commune

Commnication in Ea Lang village, Cư Pui commune

Commnication in Dien Tan village, Cư Pui commune

Cao Nguyen Xanh – mass media night ends the community communication days.

Cao Nguyen Xanh event is the best choice when it comes to information provide at the same time. Over 400 residents of Cu Pui in every positions had attended: from authorities, monitors of farmers’ union,…. till children and the locals. A succesful events means an event that can convey messages to not only the target public but also other targets. So we can easily see that CNX is, with a picture of the children, the elderly, the H’mong mother or even the E de guy, the locals or the authorities sing, dance, there’s no space between them.

The normal boring content about the sustainable power model has been conveyed in a very vivid way. The attendances coming back from the event are sure can remember many messages such as “Renovated heater good for women’s health”…… “It’s the first time there’s been an effective media event in the last 20 years. No one left until the end”, said the Dien Tan village head which gave us so much encouragement in the long run.

Comedy about improved cook stove in the festival night

Fashion show with recycled paper sent environmental protection messages to the local

Flashmode of all of trainees

Overview of the communicating festival

Communication is a long journey of sharing and maintaining.  As long as we keep on our will and work with patience, sustainable value communication will always can keep it value. So in this “sow green seeds” journey, lay our hearts in every little parts can make big changes. We have laid ours in Tay Nguyen Dak Lak and will continue with many other lands. Join us, are you ready?