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Clean Tech Competition 2017

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The Challenge


2017: “Creating a Greener Future”


Your challenge is to identify a specific problem associated with buildings or homes, building materials, problems associated with efficiency, damage mitigation, indoor environmental quality or a topic of your choosing. Your team will identify a specific problem, explain and analyze in detail, and design a solution that can mitigate the negative impacts set forth by the challenge.



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Identify a specific problem associated with buildings or homes, the materials they’re built with or other problems associated efficiency, damage mitigation or a topic of your choosing. Explain the specific impacts on environmental conditions, human health and/or economic impacts.
pencil icon Research and describe the scale of the problem and the affected populations.
microscope icon Analyze the foundations and causes of the specific issue you chose. Investigate, understand in detail, and explain.
lightbulb icon Design a solution that uses clean technology to address your identified problem, and explain how it would help mitigate the negative impacts of your stated problem.

For more information, please visit website: Clean Tech Competition