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Learning about the topic of Atmosphere with Sao Xanh Club at Ngo Sy Lien secondary school

  |   Author : Green ID

In the eager atmosphere of the very first day back to school, Sao Xanh Club at Ngo Sy Lien Secondary School had a class about the topic of Atmosphere with the source lecturers and staffs of the Green Innovation and Development Center (GreenID).

Ngo Sy Lien Secondary School is one of the schools participating in the project later than others, but Sao Xanh Club operated no less than any schools in the project. During the first class of the year, every member of the club also brought a cheerful face and participated extremely crowded. For project-goers like us, there's nothing happier than the message we had built was cherished and inspired them to keep continue spreading to the community.


Sao Xanh Club is pleased to attend the air lesson (Ngo Sy Lien secondary school)

Throughout the class, the effective members of the club not only listened attentively but also boldly raised their hands to speak out loud their ideas and give a lot of solutions to protect the atmosphere around them.

Blue Star enthusiastically contributed to the lesson

The content of the teaching materials not only provides extremely useful methods and practical knowledge, but also improve students' interest in learning about life around them. After all, students had have awareness of macro issues just through the daily contents and stories that are very familiar and close to them. Furthermore, the main purpose of the session is to help raising awareness, thoughts and behaviors of students to become exemplary green citizens in the future.