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Consultation workshop: technical report on review and update of NDC

  |   Author : Mai Dung

In the 29th of August 2018 in Hanoi, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) hosted a technical consultation on the review and updating of the National Decentralized Program (NDC).

The workshop was organized by MONRE in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and GIZ. The workshop was chaired by Mr. Le Cong Thanh, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), representatives of German Embassy and representatives from UNDP. Attending the workshop were representatives from lines of ministry, development organizations, NGOs, researchers and private partners.

The workshop presented three main components of the NDC report: mitigation, adaptation, and a new component to NDC 1 is Harmonization, co-benefits of adaptation and mitigation solution of climate change.

According to a presentation by Nguyen Khac Hieu, deputy head of the Institute for Climate Change, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in the national self-implementation scenario, the reduction of CO2 emissions increased from 8% (NDC1) to 9% The figure for this scenario is $ 40,590.97 million, which is a very ambitious figure.

Speaking at workshop, Ms. Nguy Thi Khanh- Director of Green Innovation and Development Centre, said that GreenID is the focal point in Vietnam for the Renewable Energy Co-Benefit Project which is implementing by Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). This project cooperates with some research institutes in Vietnam (ie: Institute of Energy, Institute of Labour science and social affair) to conduct assessment on the benefits of renewable energy in energy access, employment, and health. Project hopes to contribute the results to the NDC report. Besides, Khanh also proposed to the workshop program “Millions green homes” to contribute solution to mitigate the impact of climate change.

At the end of the workshop, MONRE pledged to consider all comments from participants to finalize the report.