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TERMS OF REFERENCE National Expert to carry out Study on the best practices of dual use approaches in the field of Renewable energy development in Can Tho city, Vietnam

1. General introduction:

GreenID is a Vietnamese non-profit organization (NGO) established under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA) and recognized by Decision No. 840/QD-LHH dated 27/12/2011. GreenID works toward sustainable development in Vietnam with priority to promote the overall approach in considering the role of the energy sector and these impacts on the environment related to this field. Since its establishment, GreenID has developed approach of local energy planning in Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Hue, Ca Mau. In  2016, GreenID continues expanding this aprroach to other provinces in An Giang, Dac Lac to enhance sustainable energy solutions for community.

In 2018, GreenID continues to receive financial support from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) to carry out project “Study on the best practice of dual use approaches in the field of Renewable energy development in Can Tho city, Vietnam”. The overall objective of the project is that farmers in Mekong Delta of Vietnam have social, ecological, and economic benefits from or by implement of Dual use in Renewable energy and food production. Additionally, the project targeted to decision makers and provincial authority of the project site take into account Dual use approach in the field of RE development and policies by the end of 2018. According to the project plan, GreenID will cooperate with the national expert to conduct research on Dual-Use Approaches for Solar energy and Food production- Feasibility and Potentials for Vietnam. To carry out this activity, GreenID, needs to recruit an energy expert or team of experts (further referred to as “the national expert”) with the following terms of reference:

1. Main objective: The national expert shall support the project team with a) data processing capacities, in particular with GIS mapping development and b) with the collection of (or provistion of own) data on land-use, in particular detailed data on agricultural/aquacultural production, for Can Tho city and ideally further provinces in the Mekong-Delta. Together with further data (e.g. on solar irradiation) and calculation parameters (e.g. on solar power output of the PV systems in dual-use applications) provided by GreenID/the project team the GIS mapping aims at showing solar potential, different land-uses and the aggregated “solar dual-use” potentials for the province(s).

Regarding the selection of further Mekong Delta provinces the ideal agricultural structure to meet the requirements of Solar PV Dual-Use applications (shading resilience and rather low growing) shows larger shares of vegetable production, low growing fruit and/or pond-using  aquaculture (fish/shrimp).

2. Task description

  1. Work closely with the project team to develop a common methodology and gather all relevant information and data in order to produce the required results.
  2. Conduct field survey to collect information, data for computing GIS map
  3. Develop GIS mapping including all data on solar irradiation, land-use, specifically regarding agricultural and aquacultural production, and the calculated potentials of solar PV dual-use application in Can Tho province and ideally in one or two further provinces of the Mekong Delta in accordance with the requirements and guidelines defined by the project team and according to the methodology developed together with the project team.

 3. Deliverables:

  • With the collected/provided data and the additional data provided by the research team (data on solar irradiation, potentially further data on land-use, energy infrastructure etc. in the respective provinces) the national consultant has to develop GIS maps for the selected provinces (e.g. solar irradiation map, land-use map and combined Solar PV Dual-Use potential maps for different types of agri-/aquacultural products).
  • The project team will provide calculation parameters for the calculation of the Solar PV dual-use potential (i.e. the technical solar potential in kWh/ha and the economic potential in kWh/ha). These parameters include in particular the average/typical solar power yield in kWh per ha in dual-use applications based on international best-practice case studies).


  • A report that includes the above mentioned GIS maps and further data and information summary regarding Can Tho and the further selected provinces. The draft report is expected to be sent to GreenID by end of June 2018. Results of the ongoing work should be submitted as available in the course of June to be included to the overall work process.

4. Required skills and experience

- A post-graduate degree in energy management, natural resource management, sustainable land management or other related disciplines;

- At least 05 Years experience in data base, GIS system management and GIS mapping, as well as experience in natural resources management, land management or conservation planning information systems;

- Extensive knowledge of land use data information systems used in Vietnam, especially in Can Tho province and/or Mekong Delta provinces would be advantage;

- Proven ability to work in a team and work independently;

- Fluency in written and spoken English;

5. Timeframe and location

- Timeframe: from 27th June 2018 to 15th October 2018 with total number of 18.5 working days including 15.5 days for desk study, data collection and procession, report writing and 3 days for fieldtrip survey.

 - Location: Hanoi and Can Tho.

6. Payment Conditions:

This is an installment-based contract that should cover the costs of consultancy required to produce the above deliverables. The final schedule of payments will be agreed upon in the beginning of consultancy. Payment will be released in three installments: 1st installment: 30% after signing contract, 2nd installment 40% after 1st draft report, 3rd installment 30% after final report – upon timely submission of respective deliverables and their acceptance by GreenID.

7. Contact information

Interested candidates are invited to submit your letter of interest and CV to the following address:

Mr.  Nguyen Hai Long – Project Assistant (GreenID)

Email: |Tel: 04 3 795 6372

Deadline for submission: 01/06/2018