Green Innovation and Development Centre


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Project "Civil Society meets renewable energy & energy efficiency" foster the development of Renewable Energy (RE) & Energy Efficiency (EE) in Vietnam through capacity building for Vietnamese civil society organizations (CSOs) and local champions in order to improve energy access and living conditions of Vietnamese citizens.

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Project "Mobilizing the Co-Benefits of Renewable Energy Development and Climate Change Mitigation in Vietnam" (COBENEFITS)

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Oxfarm - 2019

Project: Promoting community alternatives energy solutions in Ca Mau province to contribute for better Mekong water governance, phase 3

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BFTW - 2019

Project: Bright future for off-grid communities and vulnerable farmers in An Giang province, Mekong Delta

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BFTW (2016-2018)

Project: Improving an affordable energy access for the poor in Mekong Delta provinces of Vietnam by introducing sustainable and green energy solutions

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McKnight (2016 - 2017)

Project: Promoting inclusive and alternative power development in Vietnam, second phase