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Officials of local social organizations and occupations have been raised awareness and knowledge on Renewable Energy (RE) & Energy Efficiency (EE)

200 members participated in the basic training course on renewable energy and renewable energy

30 members participated in advanced training

5 basic training courses

2 advanced training courses

5 schools participating in” the Green School” project




"Civil Society meets renewable energy & energy efficiency"


Project "Civil Society meets renewable energy & energy efficiency" foster the development of renewable energy (RE) & energy efficiency (EE) in Vietnam through capacity building for Vietnamese civil society organizations (CSOs) and local champions in order to improve energy access and living conditions of Vietnamese citizens.


Launching green star club program at Doan Thi Diem School

From 8:30 to 16:30 on 18th May, 2018 and 21st May, 2018, Green Innovation Development Center organized the "Launching Green Star Club Program" at the secondary school, Doan T Thi Diem, Nam Tul Liem District, Hanoi. As a part of series of activities called "Green Schools," the program is designed to raise awareness and promote students' passion for energy efficiency.

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Advanced Trainer Training Course on Renewable Energy

From 09th, September to 14th, September, 2018, in Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc, "Community Lecturer on Sustainable Energy" Training - Advanced Trainer Training Course on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency was organized to select 5-10 outstanding trainees to continue their communication activities to spread the knowledge of Sustainable Energy. The training course is designed in 5 days about "Community Communication for Sustainable Energy" to improve the skills and attitudes of 26 trainees from 12 provinces stretching from the Northwest to Ca Mau cape.

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Training of Trainer: "Community Communication about Sustainable Energy"

From 21st to 23rd, October, 2018, in Cu Pui commune, Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province, the second training of trainer courses “Community Communication on Sustainable Energy” took place lively, following the training course in Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc province in September – Training courses for advanced trainers about Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency which was held to choose outstanding groups spreading the application of energy models, solving community needs. Training courses spreading over 3 days was designed in the learning cycle through experiences. It opened an opportunity for members to meet, apply theories into practice which had been cultivated for 5 days training in Tam Dao.

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Lauching Project and Setting up a Local Energy Team in DangKang, KrongBong, Daklak

In 23rd, October, GreenID in collaboration with Dang Kang Commune People's Committee held a workshop lauching the energy project, setting up the Local Energy Team (LET) to directly implement Sustainable Energy models in the commune by local energy planning. The activity is part of the "Promoting sustainable energy solutions for the benefit of ethnic minority communities and disadvantaged groups in Vietnam" project, which was initiated and implemented directly from January, 2018, following up the success in implementing the project in Cu Pui, Krong Bong, Dak Lak.

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Lauching Green School Program in Doan Thi Diem High School

On the morning of 29th, October, 2018, at the Doan Thi Diem high school, Green School program lauched with the participation of Mr. Antoine Vander Elst, European Union Delegation, Mrs. Nguy Thi Khanh - Director of GreenID, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha - Green Development Manager with all teachers and over 800 students. The program took place in three main sections, sharing inspirational stories in the field of Sustainable Energy, experiencing energy models and introducing plan of Green School Program in 2018-2019.

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3rd Training of Trainer in Hanoi: "Community Communication about Sustainable Energy"

From 23rd to 24th, Febuary, 2019 in Hanoi, the 3rd training of trainers: community communication on sustainable energy was held following the 2nd training in Cu Pui, Krong Bong, Dak Lak in Octorber, 2018. The aim of this training are advancing both knowledge about sustainable energy models and training organizating skills for trainers. Thereby, we can achieve the goal training civil local social, professional organisations and promoting local initiatives about sustainable energy in 2019.

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Lauching Green School Program at Trung Hoa Secondary School, Hanoi

Within 2 hours, the launching ceremony of Green School took place, offering interesting presents: opportunities to experience the benefits of the energy model and discover the school's air quality through exciting group games; Dialogues between teachers, energy and air experts and students; Exhibits on green energy – clean air solutions…

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04 remarkable facts of green school lauching events at Pascal Secondary School in Hanoi

On Monday, May 12, 2019, the Green School Launching Event took place, with the participation of more than 500 students and all of the Pascal Secondary School Board. Let's explore 04 remarkable facts about "Sharing and spreading green future" journey at this lovely school with GreenID, will you? ;)

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05 skills practiced by Pascal Secondary School students at the Green Star Club Meeting (May 23, 2019)

At the Green Star Club Meeting at Pascal secondaryschool, all students are equipped with a big “backpack” of skills, ready for the following "Share and Spread Green Future" Journey!

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Green School

After training, I reshaped my own ideas related to renewable energy. I want to apply renewable energy models in secondary schools of Hue and Quang Nam. My work and my life have also changed. In my life, I am more interested in the index of lighting equipment when buying in the store.

Truong Minh Den
Codes Centre, Hue - Participants of Renewable Energy Training 3

The course changes my perception. I know how energies affect life and understand that using solar energy, wind energy is the best.

Luong Van Thanh
Participant of LET, Nam Cuong, Thai Binh province - Participant of Renewable Energy Training 2

I am impressed with the young. Their enthusiasm makes the training atmosphere more pleasant. As a media worker, I also held training sessions and also inspired young people but I would like to learn more from you.

Nguyen Thi Kieu Giang
VUSTA Lao Cai - Participant of Renewable Energy Training 1

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